21st Century, Internet is a FRIEND

Multi Media Communication

Credit to the Owner – Multi Media Communication

Internet affects my life by means of aiding me in my daily tasks and it also helps me preserve mass bodies of knowledge and most of the times, it shares these stored knowledge. In a technologically gratifying era of the 21st century, Internet is something more than a bare necessity. It has spread their wings far and wide to make the world seem a smaller place.

It is very useful now these days because the educational sector, multi communication have recognized a sea change in its functions and procedures with the involvement of Internet. Students prefer to gather data about a particular subject by downloading stuffs from Internet, which is often written by scholars or researchers. Moreover, it can help me in my research, therefore it can make my daily tasks easy which were I can save time.


My Profile on Twitter

The Internet offers many things such as Online Shopping, Group Discussions, Information, Entertainment and many more. The Internet can be considered as my best friend because it provides me Entertainment if I am lonely, gives me new knowledge and keeps me updated. The Internet has many uses which I can rely on like Google Hangout and also Skype that I can use it for calling or joining a conference call to discuss things. Beside theses, I also use Twitter, World Pulse, Facebook and Linkedin to share and to read the news.

Also, without internet – I might not have been able to Skype with my family neither communicate nor make friends a cross the globe to bring impact to our own selves. With accessing to the internet, I am able to advocate and volunteer for a few organizations to heal the lives of women, girls and poor people through through the world. Especially, with internet – we can get education by Online Course so we can study even we are in our country and far miles a part.

My profile on World Pulse

My Profile on World Pulse

The last with the internet, I can blog my own writing and share to the world. It is a very special tool to bring people look forward into their future. As technology improves, the internet revolution has a quicker and deeper impact on more and more lives.

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Green School Project – Fund Needed


Green School is the newest and calm project in the jungle of remote area of Stung Treng Province. This project is called Education in the Jungle; it is organized by Mr. Long Lypo, a school director and run by Sabay Organization. Having seen the current and the need for the growth of the young generation in this rural village that we found many children who have no school to study and most of them have never learned their own language – our hearts shocked and made us couldn’t stop dreaming a school for them because those lovely children really need help as they really want to be educated. So our team (SABAY) has initiated a fundraising campaign aiming at raising money for a provision of a green school building. The cost of this construction is expected to be approximately US$5,000.00, and all budget raised from donors will be 100% used for the project activities without leaving any allocation for administration cost but might be withdrawn on the occurred expense due to the fact of project run.

Your contribution will make a change in approving education of many children in Cambodia. Education is for all so join hands so that we could reach out to those who cannot afford it with ease.


Located around 45 Km from the provincial town of Stung Treng Province, this community has 45 children who cannot be able to travel to school in the town due to the lack of transportation and money. The place is very remote from the next village and the streets are barely accessible. As a result up to 45 children do not have access to education and therefore a promising future.

There is a teacher in the village who teaches the children from time to time. Unfortunately she earns only 20 dollar per month. This salary makes it impossible to live without additional pay check (e.g. field work). As a result the teacher can only teach occasionally. Moreover heavy rain during rain season as well as heat waves makes outdoor teaching difficult.


Is to build a school and offer a monthly paid work to the teacher which allows the children a consistent education which will serve as a starting point for their future.

short-term goals

A school building:

The wooden school building will be built with three indoor. Thus we have the possibility to divide the children into three different classes.

A monthly salary for the teacher:

The monthly salary of the teacher, we provide a daily lesson. Therefore must not be used on the field and they can concentrate on teaching.

School supplies:

Desks, blackboard, books, pencils, textbooks and school uniforms are essential utensils for a serious lesson.


The children should learn its language (Khmer). We want them to the 33 consonants, 24 vowels and 14 initial vowels written and verbal command.

Long-term goals

English lessons

A second teacher is to teach the children in the morning in English. In Cambodia, it is now important to master the English language.

Medical care

We want the children to ensure that medical care. They should be able to see a doctor in case of illness or the hospital.

NOTE: All children In this remote area will benefit from the project, for the immediate benefit is that those children can access to education. In the future, all those children in this remote village who have never been able to study will have a chance to get education. In a more indirect way, this project promotes a link between local community and the education system in supporting children’s learning. The community participation and contributions seek to create partial local ownership of the school and the as the whole. The parents’ concern related to transportation, money, and school uniform including study material will be reduced and the green school will contribute in giving hope for their children’s future, while the accumulative illiteracy in the community will also be reduced. This Project will not be limited or targeted the duration or age so we will continue to raise fund until the school is completely finished.

Kindly contact to sabay.info@gmail.com for donation!
Sabay – Help the Kids’ Homepage: http://www.sabay.info

Thank you in advance!

Green School first class – It’s still remain too many things more

Green School’s students

Are you happy to see their smile? Thus they are still waiting more study material

Sabay Team is working so hard to raise fund to complete the wall of this class

The School uniform for student age 10 years old and 8 years old

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WHERE the mind is without fear | World Pulse

WHERE the mind is without fear | World Pulse.

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The Power of Soroptimist!

Soroptimist, Soroptimist sisters;
There’s nothing quite like Soroptimist!
You give me hope and let me cope
And offer great remuneration.

Soroptimist, Soroptimist sisters;
The path to many amazing things;
A fancy heart and kind;
A life of power and inspiration.

Soroptimist, Soroptimist sisters;
Provides a firm and strong foundation
For better lives improved by drive,
By effort and by motivation.

Soroptimist, Soroptimist sisters;
Requires a lot of perspiration.
I can bet – a lot of sweet,
And just a pinch of inspiration.

Soroptimist, Soroptimist sisters;
Let me sing from my heart!
For, all sisters who strive and have the drive
May someday I meet and greet!

Soroptimist, Soroptimist sisters;
Sing aloud in exultation!
And that you helped me to finish my Master Class
I’ll always shake your hand in admiration.

Soroptimist, Soroptimist sisters;
Let me say I am grateful and thankful
For all the work you have done
Those are so much called motivation.

Soroptimist, Soroptimist sisters;
Let me put the words into ACTION just because of the Girls and Women
I now just want to say
I feel so powerful and proud to be a Soroptimist!!!


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Flower Power – Strength in Diversity

RT : President Siew Yong’s theme for the new biennium is “Flower Power – Strength in Diversity”. There is a wonderful video, which is a tribute to all the clubs and members of the SWP Federation and is available to view below.

The video is designed to demonstrate the diversity of members of SISWP and encourage our working together to grow Soroptimist International. The video was a wonderful way to complete what had been a friendly, bonding conference.

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SISWP 18th Biennial Conference

Tena Koutou Katoal!

As I landed into Christchurch late that Thursday afternoon on May 03 last month, I forgot how tired I was supposed to be! It had been a long journey, flying two hours to Changi Airport, Singapore. I arrived at 04.00 PM. not to leave upto 07.00pm in the evening for connecting flight to Auckland Airport, NZ at the same day then arrived at 10.00am on another day in the morning with the 10 hours on the plane and arrived at 2.00 PM. The story then started !

We had three Soroptimist members from Cambodia, Bunthary Srun, a President, Sineat Som, a National Representative and I. I traveled alone since I got a visa late, anyways it was such a great journey and honor attending Soroptimist International South West Pacific 18th Biennial Conference of Clubs from May 4th-6th, 2012 in the Theme’s Educate to Lead. I was taken by the Hotel Car and arrived at 2.30pm – I immediately saw many Soroptimist sisters were waiting for the bus city tour and I might be so lucky that I could arrive on time for touring around the Christchurch City. Amazing! Amazing I must say! I do love the city even it was extremely destroyed by earthquake.

The conference was absolutely held at Christchurch but the federation decided to hold the conference at Shanty Town Heritage Park at Greymouth after February earthquake badly damaged the Christchurch. Wonderfully, West Coast was so amazing to be held the conference as well since all the Soroptimist sisters could see the sightseeing on the train from Christchurch to Greymouth, I could really see the Southern Alps along the way.

We all arrived at noon then went direct to Shanty Town where we were being wait to say Hello from the lovely people there – the lovely and friendly students sang and performanced in the traditional maori welcome (Powhiri) at the entrance of Shanty Town. There are more than 300 Soroptimist sisters from all over the world, and a handful of (previleged) men! These women are from the world over, and beauty shows, in their dressing, faces, presentations, enthusiasusm, passion, and love. All the women chit chat. Everybody has something to tell, something to share, something to give, and to receive!

I was so touched to hear many successful works from Immediate Past President, Yvonne Simpson, as well as the new president Siew Young about the Flower Power-Strength in Diversity. Also, the one quote from International President, Alice Wells, “Don’t be AFRAID to DREAM BIG”, and many inspiring ideas of SIGBI, President Maureen Maguire, SI Treasurer Pat Carruthers, SI Procedural Consultant Carwen Wynn-Howells and Montreal Convention Chair, Yvonne Machuk.

Other guest speakers – Peri Drydale, a founder of Snowy Peak Ltd, Helen Clark (on Video), administrative of the UN Development Programme, Julia Bradshaw, the Director of Hokitika Museum, Debra Taylor-Hayhurst, Executive Director of Dress for Success Christchurch Inc, Tony Kokshroom, Mayor of Greymouth, Brittany Packer, a young talented lady involved in youth engagement, climate change and education and Jo Goodhew, a Minister of women’s Affairs.

One of the most current projects of the SISWP’s is Birthing in the Pacific – BIP was established in 2010, focused in Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 5 – Improve Maternal Heal as SWP believes this project will endeavor to minimize the risk of maternal and infant morbidity and mortality by improving maternity skills of midwives, nurses, birthing attendants through out Papua New Guinea (PNG).

I am also tempted to talk about my heartful thanks, because of the overwhelming sponsorship that I got there! There are Robyn Cain and all sisters from Soroptimist International of Western Australia who tried the best to make a fund-raising to get me in there as well as Lynn and Kathy for helping me to process the visa – I feel so honored I want to cry. Also, I am also thankful to the house owner where we were hosted – they are really friendly, helpful and kind to all of us.  Moreover, sincere thanks to SI Business on Collins, Lynn and Helen for the donation to SI Phnom Penh. The conference was full of wonderful women, world changers! I cannot forget what I have experienced there.

The last, I would like to say congratulations to SISWP new president, president elect, all the winning projects of the 2012 Best Practice Awards, all SWP’s clubs and an individual member for the work well done. I am so proud to be called a Soroptimist sister!

Te Aroha (Love),


SIPP members with President Siew Yong and sisters from SI Western Australia

IPP, Yvonne Simpson, Sue & Richard and SIPP members

National Representatives

SIPP Members with sisters from Australia – Gala Dinner (National Costume)

Bit Flew:) With sisters from Australia and SI President

SIPP Members with Chris Knight

SiPP Members and Margaret Mitchell

Taken at Christchurch

Credit to the owner – Shanty Town, Greymouth, New Zealand

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Honoring Women in My Life

Taken with My beloved mother:)))

International Women’s Day on March 08 is meant to appreciate those who have the biggest but quietest influence in our lives. People around the world stop and take a moment to honor the women in their lives, and those around the world. One of the honoring women in my life is my mother, she is a strong woman who inspires me to go forward to break the barrier to get my goal. She is a real heroine for me. She has given me warm take care and encouragement even she was too difficult to earn money to look after me but she’s never said she was in trouble. I love you MOM!

SI Phnom Penh Charter Day on July 04, 2010

Second one of honoring women in my life is SOROPTIMISTERS, I joined and became a Soroptimist in May 01 2010 before the SIPP Charter Day in July 07, 2010. This WORD of SOROPTIMIST inspired me to become a member and volunteer to bring women and girls in Cambodia a new HOPE and SMILE that our project is Breast Cancer Awareness as we are doing workshop, seminars, trainings to University students, Communes and the other communities to get more knowledge about prevention of Breast Cancer.

I have been supported and inspired by many Soroptimist sisters around the world. I could never stop dreaming and believing my LIFE is being grown once I am named a Soroptimist – I feel more stronger that I am able to be part of change agent to help my community by raising awareness of  breast cancer.

Because of Love and Care as it is our Soroptimist’s Sign that Soroptimisters always Help each other when we are in need so I was sponsored a school fee for the final semester of my Master Course in 2011. I was sponsored to attend One Young World in Zurich, Switzerland and also was offered a new beautiful Laptop too. Anyways, I might not able to write the detail now as I will share this honoring women for my short presentation at SISWP conference in Christchurch, New Zealand in May 2012. See you soon!

Left to right: Jensine Larsen, a Founder of World Pulse, I, Beatrice from Uganda and Martha from Colombia spoke at Mercy Corp - Portland, Oregon, United States.

The third one of honoring women is World Pulse. I joined World Pulse in August 2010. It gave me many oppotunities to meet many people around the world. Moreover, after 5 months citizen training, I have built more capacity and hope to caught my dream. It is my great honor to be selected as an award-winning among of many countries across the globe who applied for the second annual Voices of Our Future Program to traveling to the US for the media and speaking tour.

I have learned a lot from people there to achieve my goal to make a change in my life, my family, my community, my county and the world. It is always a bridge to bring me success. I want to show those people who never want to talk to me that even I am a girl and was born in a poor family but I never lose my dream for better life and bring change to community. I was so honored for being selected as one of the 3 that not only bring me an honor but it gives me the power of voice to speak out loud about my struggling life and I also have a wonderful chance to spread out more about the power of media that has changed my life through this amazing platform Worldpulse.

These powerful women always inspire how to be strong and a helpful person in society!


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It is only WORD “AMAZING”


RT : Join World Pulse for an epic journey with World Pulse LIVE 2011: a nationwide speaking tour of three amazing grassroots women citizen journalists from Uganda, Colombia, and Cambodia. They have come to the US to speak out for the first time and inspire audiences on the power of media and technology to change women’s lives globally.

Photo credits: Andrea Leoncavallo, Michael Priest Photography, World Pulse team
Song credit: Razia Said

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Former Parliamentarian Samrainsy and a Chance to be back to Cambodia | World Pulse

Former Parliamentarian Samrainsy and a Chance to be back to Cambodia | World Pulse.

Former Parliamentarian Samrainsy who removed almost 2 years to abroad to escape from municipal court’s lawsuit in charge me 12 years in jail could hope to return to country if he steps down his tension to be sort for please for government and also got intervention and support from international community which have influenced on government and national assembly.

Even the absent of one among 123 Member of Parliament, it’s not the good image for national assembly sector in monitoring the government’s implementation, meeting and intervention on challenges faced by voters such land dispute. And voters are also not happy to see noncooperation among political actors.

Lately, political compromise used to exist in order to free political actor from punishment through the request made by government and send to the king to use the royal right to pardon as sated on chapter 2 article 27 of Cambodian Constituency “The King shall have the rights to grant pardons or amnesties”. But that is always an exchange between governments with accursed political actor.

Recently, positive sign, provided by the Member of Parliament Cheam Yeap head of 2nd committee of National Assembly and Cambodian People’s Party’s spokesperson to former parliamentarian Samrainsy as well as Parliamentarian from SRP via media, is that former parliamentarian Samrainsy could have a solution to return to Cambodia without conviction in case this former parliamentarian stop critiquing, attacking and turn to please with government. He added that “2 ways for him to choose. As Samrainsy used to stipend the immunity and face with jail sentence many times, he was normally pardoned by the king as state in chapter 2 that the king has royal right to pardon and amnesties or National Assembly also has authorize to make bill on pardon”.

To be a clue, Hun Sen, Prime Minister and member of parliament from Cambodian People’s party showed about his stand as a mature political actor to solve among Khmer political actor in non-violence way and propose to have solidarity among each other. That can be interpret for former parliamentarian Samrainsy that solution could be negotiate peacefully and change the mindset as a mature political actor to each other. He added that “We support the political actor who has political inspiration to reunify, solidarity, and unite in point of our country’s interest because we do not want to create any tense situations at all”. Prime Minister Hun Sen used to clarify it on June 13, 2011 during the graduated ceremony for officials at Royal School of Administration.

Meanwhile, Member of Europe Parliamentarian Ms. Cecilia Wikstrom requested to Cambodia government to comfort former parliamentarian Samraisy could return to country to join the coming up 2012 and 2013 elections to show the step forward of Cambodia’s democracy. And, she promise to bring Samraisy returning to Cambodia soon before the general election arrives “it is certain that she will report to the EU Parliament on the progress of democracy in Cambodia. She added that during the campaign for the upcoming general election, opposition leader Sam Rainsy will be present in Cambodia”. The clues are that the pressure on taxation and delay on Cambodia’s export to Europe community which base on the report on human right abuse and land conflict in Cambodia.

On the other hand, the United Nations Special rapporteur Mr. Surya Subedi, during his mission 5 days at the end of May 2011 during the greeting with President of National Assembly and members of Parliamentarian, had requested to take strong action to maintain and protect the freedom of expression of all parliamentarians, and revise the Parliamentarian’s immunity removal procedure. He said, “the extent for members of parliament in debating were limited and some of them were removed the immunity because of their expression over various issue related to country’s interests.

Besides, Mr. Nicolas Dupont Aignan, an independent member of parliament who does not belong to any political party or political group, sent a formal letter to Mr. Alian Juppe, the French minister of Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs to intervene for former MP Sam Rainsy who has been self-exiled in France to safely come back to Cambodia. “Request that European Union should not ignore the suppression on the victim who is the Member of Parliament from opposition party and request to claim for the full privileges and rights of expression as MP had before”.

European Union used to make a decision in 21st October 2010 on the condemnation and harassment made by Cambodian court on the former MP Sam Rainsy and members of opposition party in general. The verdict banned the former MP Sam Raisny from involving in election campaign in 2013. As a result, it negatively affects freedom of expression of other MPs of the opposition party and protection of citizens’ benefits as presently the condemnation on the freedom of expression on Members of Parliament results in narrowing down the scope and process of democratization in Cambodia.

To be concluded, based on the message from ruling party as well as Prime Minister Hun Sen, Mr. Samraisy should rethink the long term benefit for him and country as a whole to negotiate with the government in order to free from accusing and come back to serve the Cambodia people as they want to see Cambodia in democratic way involving with ruling and opposition party to play an important role in democratic country. Cambodian people is willing to see the unite among Khmer political actors.

This article is part of a writing assignment for Voices of Our Future a program of World Pulse that provides rigorous new media and citizen journalism training for grassroots women leaders. World Pulse lifts and unites the voices of women from some of the most unheard regions of the world.

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Great Events in my LIFE

World Pulse Live 2011 @ Paley Center for Media, New York

2011 was seem a great year to start my journey traveling miles and miles from my beloved home sweet home to represent Cambodia. It was such a dream to speak to the international audiences which was not my own language Khmer – but that was English. I couldn’t ever imagine I had a chance to go to the United States even I didn’t have much money in my pocket. Wasn’t it funny traveling abroad without much money? But it was happening to me ready so just trust you will have a chance if you never lose hope. It was more than a hundred listening me and my fellow correspondents Martha from Columbia and Beatrice from Uganda.

Three Correspondents with World Pulse Staff at Mercy Corp, Portland, Oregon

After five months long training, the 3 correspondents among 30 women were selected by the committees, mentor, midwifes and World Pulse Staff for traveling to the five cities of America to represent the voices of women world wide and also to share our experiences through media as a Citizen journalist on World Pulse Media.

World Pulse Live at the University of Denver

Looking to this picture made me so excited and couldn’t forget the nervousness while I was speaking on the big stage to speak an other language was not my own one. Hearing many people clapped their hands in front of me – it was such a wonderful enjoying and welcoming to three of us. I couldn’t stop believing that I was speaking in front of many people on the big stage at the University of Denver.

Broadcasted at the U.S Department of State at Washington D.C

I don’t have any words to express my feeling about having a chance to speak there. everything was coming to me without expectation – The broadcast Live was started at 7.00am (the Washington D.C time) and finished at 8.30am. After sharing our stories – struggling lives to be educated and for rainforest, we got many questions from the audiences. All those questions are always kept with us.

World Pulse Live at Bioneers Conference, San Rafael, California with Gloria Steinem on the Stage Topic in No Women No Democracy

Another big event’s called the Bioneers Conference 2011 held at San Rafael, CA in October. We were very excited and happy to speak on the stage for Bioneers Conference which had over a thousand people there. We had learned much from the other amazing people there and also I was so happy I could see Gloria  Steinem in person.



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